About Kurt Jurek –.R.Ac, R.TCM.P., Dr. TCM (Dipl)., B.A.Sc., P. Eng

Nourishing and healing a being is like tending a garden, requiring a balance of knowledge, patience and compassion.

Kurt is a registered acupuncturist and herbalist. He completed his five-year Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine program at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences in Nelson, British Columbia. While at the Academy, Kurt earned the Dean’s award for top academic achievement.

Kurt’s interest in health can be traced back to his early days. As a child he regularly accompanied his mother to the dance and movement classes she taught, where he reluctantly found himself cast in the role of “class demonstrator.” As a teenager, Kurt took up the practice of hatha yoga. and in his twenties, Kurt began to study Tai Chi and Oriental philosophy. A trip to China in 1987 gave Kurt first-hand experience of the healing power of Tuina, a traditional Eastern manual therapy.

Originally educated as an engineer at one of Canada’s premier engineering schools, Kurt is trained in the rigours of western science and adept at analyzing complex systems. After spending over a decade as a professional engineer and researcher, Kurt decided to take his life-long interest in health to the next level. He chose to study “modern” traditional Chinese medicine because it offered the best of both worlds – the yang of Western rationalism and the yin of Eastern wisdom. As a practitioner, Kurt strives to bring both aspects to his work and is devoted to continuing the expansion of his knowledge of modern techniques and classical teachings.

Kurt takes a patient-centered approach to his practice, believing that the role of the practitioner is to act as a guide and facilitate healing that comes from within. This can only be accomplished with the identification and treatment of the root of the problem. In practice this means that Kurt strives to provide his patients with the tools to effectively heal themselves.

In addition to Oriental medicine, Kurt is a long time practitioner of Tai Qi and Qi Gong (Chinese movement & energy exercises). He is also trained in Shiatsu, Cranio-sacral therapy and Facial acupuncture. He often incorporates elements of these therapies into his treatments to make them more effective. For Kurt, the practice of medicine is the evolution of a life-long passion – an interplay of competency, artistry and compassion.