Communicable Disease Prevention and Clinic Operations

Infectious Disease Management at Kurt Jurek Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

The following is a brief summary of how infectious disease will be managed at the single practioner clinic located at 2021 Stephens Street. Protocols may change at any time as the situation is fluid and the clinic must respond to orders from the Provincial Medical Health Office.

  • PRE-SCREENINGS – A point-of-care risk assessment (PCRA) for infectious disease will be done prior to any patient interaction as described in the IPC Guide of the BCCDC. Pre-appointment screening for infectious disease symptoms and travel will be completed for each visit. Patients presenting in person at the clinic with symptoms suggestive of an infectious disease will be not receive treatment and will be immediately directed to the appropriate resource. They will not be treated at that time and must re-book.
  • MASKSMasks will continue to be required. This is due to 1) the small and tight nature of the clinic, 2) the fact that physical distancing cannot be maintained during treatment, and that 3) immune-compromised patients are treated at the clinic. Hence it is requested that patients bring their own non-medical face masks.  If they arrive without, a disposable mask will be provided. The practitioner will wear a mask, eye protection, a gown or lab coat at all times when treating a patient.
  • Cleaning & Hygiene – Visitors will be asked to disinfect their hands upon entry at the available hygiene station. Table, clothing holding area and receptacle, treatment area floor, frequently touched areas (door, reception chair and table, pens, sink, faucets and handles) are to be cleaned between each treated patient. Standard clinical hygiene and cleaning guidelines will apply to all areas susceptible to residue and bodily fluids.
  • Reception – Alcohol based hand-sanitizer will be available at the interview table and the newly arrived patient will be instructed to use it. To allow time for cleaning, the front door will be opened only 5 minutes before the appointment time.
  • Communications – Signage will be placed in appropriate areas including reception, washroom and entrance to facilitate current measures. Patients are instructed of this in a reminder email 2 days prior.
  • Air circulation – will be provided by the existing HVAC system and there will be additional active UV filtering in the treatment area, doors may be opened between patients to allow fresh air flow through as well.
  • Appointments – Regular (60) and Extended (90) minute appointments will continue to be offered. Cleaning times between appointments will be 30 minutes. Please leave promptly to allow for cleaning time.
  • Personal Measures – all screening measures also apply to the practitioner, Self-evaluation for symptoms for infectious disease will be performed daily prior to entering the clinic and on an ongoing basis during the day. At the first indication of possible infection, all appointments will be cancelled until the practitioner is deemed non-infectious.

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