Fall : The Season of Harvest & Comfort Food

In nature and in traditional communities, the fall season is the time to harvest and store, just take note of what our squirrel friends are doing and you’ll get the idea.

In modern society we are more sheltered from the effects of the seasonal changes, but we are hardly isolated. In the fall it is normal to see a calming of the frenetic summer energy, an increase in flu and colds, and a general inward focus more towards family and home, thanksgiving for example. However, people with a tendency to easily feel cold or catch seasonal bugs and feel low in energy may begin to feel uncomfortable. Making some simple diet and lifestyle changes can often help significantly.

It is easy to start by eating less spring and summer foods like salads and citrus fruits, move more towards fall fruits and veggies like pears, apples and squashes. It is time for hearty soups and stews. Consider wonderful root vegetables that are sweet like yams, potatoes, and onions as well as ginger and warming spices (not hot spices). Add cruciferous leafy greens like kales, chards or broccoli, and whole grains. For non-vegetarians who don’t eat much meat, consider incorporating a bit more into the diet if you are feeling low in energy. For vegetarians consider more legumes, black and kidney beans, adzuki beans, less tofu and less cold veggies like cucumbers.

As our inner metabolism slows down in the fall, likewise it is natural for our physical activity to change. This is not an endorsement for you to avoid the gym, but it is a call to a balanced approach, especially regarding extreme sports and vigorous activities. Consider walking, bicycling, tai chi or dancing as healthy movement activities. There’s nothing wrong with continuing your regular morning jog, but remember that it’s not July anymore, dress appropriately for the temperature, wind and rain and consider doing a little less if you get a cough or sniffle.

For more information about how to live in harmony with the seasons and what you can do to prepare for the fall, feel free to contact Kurt.

3 Responses to “Fall : The Season of Harvest & Comfort Food”

  1. Robin says:

    Why do I feel colder in the fall than in the winter? I know summer is gone *sniffle* . . . but it isn’t that cold yet. Only last week I was wearing sandals, but now I’m reaching for my scarf and boots and craving more calories. What’s up with that?

    • kurt says:

      fall like spring is a season of transition – this is a time of contrast where we notice changes more because we can feel the process happening. For example, i bet you are also noticing how quickly the daylight is getting shorter as well. Once you hit winter, things aren’t changing much anymore, hence you are acclimatized and don’t feel it the same way.

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