Make the Most out of Your Active Summer: Avoid Injury

Nobody likes to be sidelined by injury, especially when we’ve been waiting for the good weather and now it’s here!   Here are a few tips to help avoid injury while keeping yourself in great shape.  They are common sense but a little reminder once in a while doesn’t hurt…

1. Don’t go from 0 to 60:  If you’ve been sedentary for the last few weeks or months, take it easy at first, spend more time stretching – both before and after activity.

2. Stretching: It is better to stretch more frequently for a short time than stretch rarely but for a long time.  If it’s been a while, then stretch to first awareness (when you feel the muscle activate), do not over stretch.  Also remember that not only does stretching avoid injury but it also helps to improve your performance. Before a sport, warm up with exercises that simulate the range of motion but with less vigour, after the game, stretch it out.

3. Beware the “twinge & tightness:” If you’re playing a sport or doing any activity and you feel your back or any area tighten or feel a twinge of pain – this is a message that you’ve gone too far. The tight or twinging area is what I call an “area of vulnerability” and is a likely candidate for serious injury such as a slipped disk.  It is best to get this looked at by a professional, especially if it happens repeatedly or you can’t seem to stretch it out.

4. Wear the right gear: I’m not just talking cleats during soccer here (although that’s very important too), remember that getting sick can also put a damper on your fun. So, when it’s cold and raining or if it’s hot and sunstroke weather make sure you dress appropriately.  Finally, remember the importance of proper hydration during vigorous activity and heat.

If you have any questions or have injured yourself, please feel free to contact kurt jurek for some helpful advice or treatment, and enjoy your summer.

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