Instructions for booking online:

1.¬†Click on the “BOOK ONLINE” hyperlink on the website. This brings up the current month in a separate window.

2. Click the day you want (hit the “Kurt is available” link – if it is not there then he is not available).

3. Select the checkbox on the left side for the length of appointment you want – ie. 45min, 60mi, 90min etc.

4. Select the time of day you want your appointment to start on the right side (time is in 15 min increments).

5. Patient information box: Enter First and Last names and Email address (mandatory but telephone is optional).¬† Please confirm that the appointment day & time shown at the bottom is what you want, then click “book” when you are done. This books the appointment and sends you a confirmation email.

6. Once booked: clicking “cancel booking” will cancel the appointment or clicking “calendar” will let you make another booking or simply close the window if you are done.

7. To cancel or modify your appointment in the future, you must login. If you didn’t register, the system will email you the automatic username and password it gave you if you tell it you forgot your password and enter your email. Thereafter follow steps 2 to 6 to select your appointment and change it. If you are having difficulty, please call or text me at 604-365-3655 and I can modify it for you.